Commercial Property

Wash Pros prides itself on its ability to effectively and safely power wash apartments, warehouses, and commercial buildings. They have also developed a process for cleaning high traffic areas, such as drive-thrus and garbage areas of restaurants and shopping centers. Regular cleaning of these areas is important, not just for cosmetic purposes – because you want your business to look good – but for health and safety reasons, too.

Truck Wash Cleaning Solutions

Wash Pros Truck Wash Chemical Cleaning Solutions for fleet washing are available by contacting Wash Pros KC. Our vehicle-friendly soaps for removing dirt and road grime, aluminum brighteners, as well as our most popular truck wash degreaser and concrete remover.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning presents many unique challenges: Heavy duty soils, sensitive equipment and delicate controls, production schedules, manpower safety considerations and property protection are among them.

Mobile Fleet Washing

Wash Pros Pressure Cleaning Service caters to the transportation sector that deals with affordable fleet washing within the trucking industry. Depending on the desired wash schedule and the size of the fleet to be washed, the unit cost will be determined

Heavy Commercial Equipment

If it is made of steel and designed to move dirt, debris or anything else you can imagine…. Wash Pros Pressure Cleaning Service can help you clean up your act!

Residential Property Cleaning

Quality Residential Mobile Pressure Washing Services at an Affordable Cost!
KC Wash Pros Mobile Pressure Washing in Kansas City Missouri

About KC Wash Pros

KC Wash Pros Mobile Pressure Washing is committed to providing its customers with a reliable superior service, using the latest equipment and technology and the most environmentally responsible products and best management practices.

KC Wash Pros has been a leader in the mobile power washing business for over 15 years. Our operation is on the cutting edge of technology addressing both customer needs and environmental safety. We put a strong emphasis on reliability, cost effectiveness, consistency and efficiency.